Hexham Rapper

Hexham Morrismen also have a rapper sword dance team.  Their dances are based on Newbiggin and Winlaton traditions.  The team was started in 1998 by Robin Jowett and Brian Bell under the instruction of Mick Dawson.  After a long gap where the dances were not performed regularly the team was re-established in 2008.  The team was taught by Aubrey O'Brien and Tom Besford. 
In 2013 a  team of rapper dancers was put together for the trip to Charleston in USA with the help of Peter Brown, Tom Redman, David Hall, Neil Carter, Vince Rutland and James Fitzgerald.  
Peter Brown and Tom Redman have now taken over the teaching of the dances.

Hexham Rapper now perform regularly with the Morrismen and Lasses.  They practice on a Thursday night in Hexham and also have occasional Sunday sessions in Newcastle.  If you would like to know more about the rapper or would like to come to a Hexham Rapper practice then please get in touch via the contacts page.

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