Hexhamshire Lasses

   HL at Bamburgh Castle 2014

The Hexhamshire Lasses is a women’s dance side based in the Hexham, Northumberland.
The side was conceived during the winter of 92/93 by the wives and friends of Hexham Morrismen following their 15th Anniversary celebrations.

We began with just 8 dancers and our first few dances were taught to us by The Shrewsbury Lasses from Shropshire.  We are now approaching our 25th summer of dancing and the team is still growing in numbers. Last count 31 dancers which includes several new recruits this autumn.  

We perform in our own style a repertoire of traditional dances using garlands, sticks and handkerchiefs together with several compositions of our own. A selection of lively step clog dances are also included in the repertoire performed by the Hexham Clog team.

The team meets on Monday evenings during school terms, at Corbridge Middle School near Hexham.  Clog practices begin at 6.45pm and we have recently moved our practice session to a slightly earlier start time of 7.30pm to accommodate younger dancers.  During the winter months we teach our dances at all levels. After this we like to focus on practises for the coming spring and summer events.

The Hexhamshire Lasses welcome new dancers at most times but if you have not danced morris before then it is preferable to come in September when we begin our practices again. Morris is a strenuous dance form and a reasonable level of fitness is important as is a good sense of rhythm, coordination and enthusiasm.


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