Hexham Morrismen and the Hexhamshire Lassses are two closely associated teams of dancers.  Equally at home in Hexham or Hungary, they are one of the most experienced, versatile and accomplished exponents of the ancient art of English Morris Dancing.  The teams dance separately, but mostly appear together to entertain and bring traditional English dances to Hexham and further afield.

Collectively known as Hexham Morris they dance regularly at events such as the Hexham Gathering, Kirkley Hall Countryside festival & Durham Folk party. They are frequent visitors to folk festivals in Whitby and Sidmouth and their contributions to international festivals around the world, most recently Charleston in South Carolina USA,  have been enthusiastically received.  Town twinning events in France and Germany have also been attended.

There is a lot to be gained from being part of a morris side, besides the activity keeping you fit there is also the social side which includes dancing at local events and pubs, weekends away and meeting up with other morris sides, occasional trips abroad and above all, the friendship.

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