Hexhamshire Lasses music and dances

We have a dedicated band of musicians, Saul, Robin, Frank, Brian & Bob on melodeons. Rachael & Andy on fiddles, Kathleen on concertina, Peter & Rachel on whistles & flute.  Some of our dancers are also keen musicians and form part of the band when not dancing.

Rob Furniss who played melodeon for us for many years died suddenly in February 2013. He will be greatly missed.

Using garlands, short sticks and handkerchiefs we perform in our own style, a wide range of dances. Many are adapted from traditional dances but a few are compositions of our own.

Our repertoire also includes Clog Dancing, with wooden soled clogs adding percussive impact to the rhythms of hornpipes, waltzes and reels. The routines from Hexham clog are based on steps from the North East and North West of England.
These are the dances in our current morris repertoire.

Dance Notes Tune
Abrahm Circle Dance   Abraham Tune
Acomb Dance composed by Hexhamshire Lasses Lancashire Tune/100 pipers
Belfagan Dance devised by ‘Belfagan’ from Cockermouth Belfagan/Long Odds
Brighton Lasses Dance by Knots of May Beatrice Hills three handed reel
Churning Butter Dance devised by Sue Harris, Martha Rhodens Turn again Martha
Cumberland Crown   Galopede
Grenoside Dance from Sheffield Rochdale Coconut
Hebridean Weavers Dance   Brocken Laum
Hexham Flags Dance composed by Hexhamshire Lasses Cock of the North
Hexhamshire Lass Dance composed by Hexhamshire Lasses Hexhamshire Quadrille
Kaleidescope Dance composed by Hexhamshire Lasses Hunt the hare/College Hornpipe
Knutsford Traditional with variations LNB Polka
Monas Delight Dance from The Isle of Man Monas Delight
Shrewsbury Flourish Shrewsbury Lasses Shrewsbury Flourish
The Abbey Dance composed by Hexhamshire Lasses Portabello/Joch Wilson of Fenton
Yellow Sheepskin   Alexandra Park
Current Clog Dances    
Durham Hornpipe    
Ulverston    Byker Hill (Sung)
Pat Traceys Waltz    
French Canadian Dance    


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