Overseas events

April 1992 - Hexham/Noyon Town Twinning, France

May 1998 - International Folklore Festival, Pyrzyce, Poland

May 1999 - Town Twinning, Germany

July 2000 - 2nd World Folkloriada, Japan

August 2002 - International Folklore Festival, Bulgaria

August 2004 - Summerfest International Folklore Festival, Hungary

July 2007 - The Azores

September 2011 - Town Twinning, Noyon, France

May 2013 - Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

The University of Northumbria are undertaking a major research and information initiative with the College of Charleston in South Carolina, USA. The project is studying the influence of the English Diaspora in North America and will sponsor cultural events on both sides of the Atlantic to promote shared knowledge and understanding of each other’s cultural heritage.

Hexham Morris Dancers are delighted to be involved with the project and to give live representation of 'folk' influences. They will present various English Dance forms, and be involved in the educational aspects of the Festival via a show which links the dancing to historical events and geographical locations in addition to various lectures and workshops. The latter may be presented to a wide range of people from academics to school age children.

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