International Folklore Festival
Bulgaria, August 2002


This was the third foreign trip for Hexham Morris dancers and was a spectacular success.

The troupe danced with teams from Slovakia, Lithuania, Greece, Romania, Puerto Rico, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Italy, Montenegro, China and many Bulgarian teams and performed in Varna’s impressive outdoor theatre and at the final gala concert.

The most interesting event was a visit to the tiny village of Solnik, which has a population of just 350, but over half of the residents gave the dancers an extremely enthusiastic welcome outside the municipal hall.

The team was then treated to a traditional Bulgarian evening, being piped into a vine-covered yard of a local folklore museum after the partaking of bread and spices on entry, an ancient Bulgarian welcome.

Wonderful local food and drink was laid out and we were entertained by the folk ensemble who danced and sang in national costume.

We were all well impressed with the friendliness and efficiency of our Bulgarian Hosts. Stella, our guide for the duration of our stay in Bulgaria was readily able to sort out difficult situations. Our accommodation was in the university campus and the staff worked extremely hard on the teams behalf. And with beer 27p a pint what more could you ask.

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