Town Twinning event
Noyon, France September 2011

Hexham Morrismen and Hexhamshire Lasses have been on the road again this autumn, performing at Noyon - Hexham’s French twin town - over the long weekend of 23rd -26th September.  As always, the Noyonais were generous hosts, plying their guests with liberal portions of delicious French cuisine, but three days of vigorous dancing were enough to burn off any surplus calories.

Noyon – like Hexham – has an open-air market in the town centre on Saturdays, and large crowds of shoppers there were entertained by dances from both Hexham teams. The evening’s entertainment consisted of a traditional Northumbrian barn-dance. Hexham’s instrumentalists provided the music, while the dance figures were expertly called (in French and English) by Elaine Carter.
On Sunday, at the town’s sports field, our dancers performed alongside a variety of spectacular displays – ranging from martial arts to para-gliding - but still managed to draw substantial audiences for their shows. Early on Monday morning after everyone had taken their final photos and said their fond farewells at Noyon station they travelled into Paris.
They danced to great acclaim firstly at the Pompidou Centre, then at the Trocadero gardens overlooking The Eiffel Tower - before flying home with fond memories of the warm welcome they had received in France.
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